ecovery: Return to Wellness

What to Expect

Immediately after experiencing a work-related injury, questions begin to arise and you may not be sure what to do next or what you can expect to happen. To help guide you through the initial stages of your claim, we have provided the following on what to expect after sustaining a work-related injury. Be sure to also check out the Glossary of commonly-used insurance terminology. If you have additional questions, please contact your claim representative or your employer.

Report your injury to your employer.

Report any injuries to your supervisor or safety manager as soon as they occur. Even if you think you may not need medical treatment, it is always important to notify your employer of all injuries as soon as they occur. You may think it will get better over the weekend, or with rest, however it is still very important for you to notify your employer of any work related injury or accident. The sooner we know about your injury, the sooner we can implement a proactive plan to help you return to wellness.

Employer reports claim to insurance carrier.

Your employer will report the injury to Eastern Alliance Insurance Group by filing a claim, and your claim will be assigned a claim number. Your employer will give you the claim number as well as a Work Status Report form to take to the doctor or hospital. The claim representative will be in contact with you to go over the details of the claim, as well as any benefit information. Keep your claim number and claim representative’s contact information in an easily accessible place, such as your wallet.

Medical treatment

Your employer will advise you if they have a list of doctors that you are required to treat with (sometimes referred to as a "medical panel"). When you go for medical treatment, give the provider your employer’s information, your claim number, and the insurance carrier's information.

There is no co-payment or deductible for you to pay. Sometimes providers may not have your claim information so they will bill the patient. If you are receiving a bill at home, it is probably a sign that your claim representative has not received the bill. If you receive any invoices at home, you can call the billing department listed on your bill and give them your claim information, or you can send the bill to your claim representative. Make sure to write your claim number on any correspondence that you send to us.

Work Restrictions

Your provider will determine if there is a need for any additional follow up treatment or prescription medications indicated, as well as if you are given any type of restrictions for work. Provide them with the Work Status report for completion. This is proof of any type of restrictions or disability that you are given. Give this to your employer and ask them to make a copy for you. They should send a copy of this to the claim representative assigned to your claim. After each following appointment, you should get your work status.