ecovery: Return to Wellness

Value to Agents

Eastern’s ecovery Return to Wellness programs empower you to become a hero to your clients. Here’s how:

Your clients’ businesses will benefit:

  • ecovery Return to Wellness programs help keep your clients’ workers’ compensation costs down
  • ecovery Return to Wellness programs help increase your clients’ productivity
  • ecovery Return to Wellness programs help your clients with employee retention and morale

Your client relationship will grow stronger:

  • You have easy access to ecovery information, tools and resources
  • ecovery offers you jurisdictionally-specific educational materials regarding workers’ compensation issues, increasing your credibility
  • ecovery resources make discussing RTW opportunities easier and more productive
  • ecovery offers a recognition program for employers committed to the ecovery philosophy

Your ability to attract new clients will increase:

  • Only Eastern offers ecovery value-added programs that put you ahead of the competition
  • ecovery programs can be tailored to your clients’ specific needs – unlike “one-size-fits-most” approaches
  • ecovery materials can be customized with your clients’ letterhead, logo, and brand

And, your relationship with Eastern will grow stronger, too!

  • Cooperation with RTW is an integral part of our relationship with you