Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Eastern Alliance Insurance Group Internet Privacy Policy

Eastern Alliance Insurance Group understands that many people have concerns about the information they provide online, and how companies or organizations use that information. This Privacy Policy has been developed to address these issues.

By using this Web site, you signify that you agree with the terms of our current Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with any term in this Policy, please do not provide any personal information that may be requested on this site.

Individuals' Personal Information

We do not collect individuals' personal information unless they voluntarily register or provide the information. No personal information is collected passively. When you subscribe to e-mail notifications, or register on our Web site for any content or promotion, and indicate permission to do so, your e-mail address is added to our database. This database is used, from time to time, to send you information about company news, new features, additions, changes to our Web site, and other pertinent information.

Please be assured that Eastern Alliance Insurance Group does not share or sell any information that you give us with unauthorized third-parties. However, we may partner with third-party companies to execute a specific promotion or program. If the information is to be shared with any third-party (e.g., promotion partners or other service providers) for the purposes of executing a specific promotion or program, the details will be clearly communicated in the program rules and the third-party will have no right to use the information for independent purposes.

E-mail Communications

You may choose to receive opt-in e-mail notifications from Eastern Alliance Insurance Group. You may choose to unsubscribe to these e-mail notifications by clicking on the link in the e-mail and following the instructions on the Web page.

Internet Technologies

In addition to the information that you might intentionally enter into our Web site's forms, many people are concerned that certain technologies can be used or abused to compromise an individual's privacy while online. We make no effort to gather information from you without your knowledge. The following topics are included below in order to make available to you our policies regarding two such technologies.

  • Cookies

    Our Web site, like most of today's popular Internet locations, uses cookies to facilitate connections with our Web site. We do not store information about you in the cookie files we create, nor do we allow a cookie to grant access to your personal data. Our cookie files merely identify you as someone who has visited our site previously and allow you to access our site more easily. In effect, it tells us you've registered and that we already have whatever information is necessary in order for you to generate an e-mail or enter a contest. Again, we do not store any personal information in the cookie file.
  • IP Addresses

    The computer that hosts our Web site records IP addresses only for purposes of activity tracking across days, weeks, and months of use. We make no effort to use IP addresses as a means of correlating data from separate interactive sessions with our Web site or the Web sites of other companies.

Policy Changes

As content and functionality of this site may change, it may be necessary to update our Privacy Policy. Updates of this document may be made on occasion. We therefore will keep the currently active version available to the public on our Web site's home page. In turn, using this site signifies that you agree to the updated, posted Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy statement or the practices described, contact:

Eastern Alliance Insurance Group
PO Box 83777
25 Race Avenue
Lancaster, PA 17608-3777
Phone: 1.855.533.3444