Why Choose EAIG

Claim Management Services

There are three components to Eastern's claim management services: early intervention, proactive disability management and Return-to-Work support. Our goal is to help clients keep their claim costs down and return their employees to work faster.

Eastern offers both toll-free Teleclaim and online claim reporting. As soon as a claim is reported, we confidently manage that claim toward a cost-effective and fair conclusion. We use industry-leading medical cost management programs and strategic partnerships to control claim costs and provide excellent service to employers and their injured employees.

In addition, Eastern strongly encourages our clients to adopt "Return-to-Work" or "RTW" programs. These programs are proven to benefit injured workers and employers. We offer a wealth of resources and support for clients looking to establish an RTW program.

Our medical cost management programs include:

Eastern provides an online Risk Management Resource Center, featuring a document library and access to Safety.BLR.com. BLR is a safety training and compliance resource site where you can find downloadable and customizable safety and risk management templates, presentations, and training materials, as well as updated safety regulations and news.

Medical Cost Management Programs

Preferred Provider Networks - automatic cost savings opportunities

  • Coventry Workers' Comp Services, a network of providers focused on occupational injuries
    • Providers selected for their quality, range of services, and geographic location
    • Use of the network results in reduced medical bills and claims costs
  • Universal SmartComp, a network of preferred providers for physical and occupational therapy, chiropractic and MRI services
    • Excellent savings compared to other outpatient physical therapy networks
    • Unique clinical approach that focuses on effective treatment and quality outcomes

Medical Case Management - focused medical expertise for complex or serious claims

  • An extensive network of case management partners selected for their expertise and outcomes
  • A claims professional and a medical case manager will manage the claim together

Pharmacy Card Program - a proactive approach to medication management

  • Injured employees receive a pharmacy card to obtain covered prescriptions
  • No out-of-pocket expenses for injured workers
  • Covers most common workers' compensation drugs
  • All pharmacy bills are processed through one provider
  • Pricing is below fee schedule
  • Increased generic utilization
  • Provides greater control over costs, usage, and potential fraud

Medical Director

  • Practicing occupational medicine physician with over 20 years experience
  • Board certified in Internal, Emergency, and Occupational/Environmental Medicine
  • Reviews and provides guidance on complex, serious and difficult claims
  • Peer to peer contact with treating providers to discuss claims and help improve claim outcomes

Medical Bill Review Services - consistent annual savings of over 50% of billed charges

  • Expert, in-house medical claim analysts review and adjudicate all bills
  • Sophisticated bill review software maximizes savings